Ignite Your Inner Fire with this New Moon in Aries!

Blessings Divine ones!

The New Moon in Aries sees the energy of the fiery Ram charging forward. In doing so, this New Moon ignites a spark of new beginnings within our souls.

As we feel the energy of this potent lunar phase stirring within us, we come to realise this is a time of great potential and possibility, a time to set intentions and make powerful declarations of our desires. The energy of Aries encourages us to take action and assert our willpower, to forge ahead on the path that we know is right for us.

Allow ourselves to be swept up in the passion and enthusiasm of this New Moon, and let it awaken our inner fire and spur us on towards our goals. But do not forget to ground and connect to Mother Earth, to remain rooted in our connection to the natural world and the wisdom of our ancestors.

As we plant the seeds of our intentions during this New Moon, remember that they are not meant to be instant gratifications. Rather, they are the beginnings of a journey towards greater alignment with our purpose and our highest self. Trust the process, and let the energy of the New Moon guide us forward.

May we successfully harness the energy of this New Moon in Aries to ignite our passions, take bold steps towards our goals, and manifest the life that we were meant to live. And may we always remember that we are held in the loving embrace of the divine, with the power of the Universe at our fingertips.

Sending one and all much love, healing, and blessings. Namaste.  


With love, light & laughter,