Family Constellation Talk  by Monika Wyss!  
Date/Time:Thursday 29 April 2021 8pm to 9.30pm (SGT) 
Venue: Zoom Meeting (Register here to get Zoom Meeting ID) 
Energy Exchange: Free  


My Family - Blessing or Curse?

My Family - these two words trigger many emotions in many people. Some are filled with gratitude for the family they grew up with and some are being reminded of dysfunctional patterns in their growing up years. Family Constellation is an incredible approach that allows us to see through the patterns and start healing step by step towards a healthier and happier life. It shows us patterns, dynamics, and a way of healing so that we can finally live our own life without having the unhealthy influence of our family and ancestors.


Monika Wyss is a Holistic Transformation Coach who works with many tools addressing the body, mind and spirit of her clients. She is also a Family Constellation Trainer and Facilitator and has been following the path of personal development for the past 17 years. Coming from a dysfunctional family she was always looking for ways to improve and heal her relationship with her parents. Family constellations brought her enormous insights and healing and she dedicated her work to help others to improve their lives starting with their own family, especially her mother.