Systemic Constellation

By Monika

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What is Family Constellation?

Some people go through their lives feeling out of control, and are left wondering why it is they are experiencing the same results over and over again despite what they do in order to change their results.  Systemic Family Constellation is a gentle and effective form of therapy that identifies the root causes of these patterns, also known as entanglements that we unconsciously take on from our family, relatives and ancestors.  Often times, in the identification of a root cause, the issue begins healing as a result of acknowledging what is.

About Family Constellation

Systemic Family Constellations are designed for individuals and couples interested in clearing entanglements in their lives and to realise their full potential. Family Constellations can help to find the root cause of the conflicts, fears and health problems and resolve those “entanglements” which free the client to new choices of possibilities in their lives and relationships. When the root of the problem is brought to light, we don’t have to repeat the fate of our ancestors with whom we were entangled. Through acknowledging what was, we start to live our own personal lives and realize our own true potential.  In essence, we free ourselves from the past so we can more gracefully create our future.

Restoring balance and harmony to the family system is equally important for not only addressing physical illnesses, money problems and relationship issues but also to support freeing a client from lower back pain to cancer, and for emotional and mental suffering as well.

A word from the Founder

Bert Hellinger, who developed this work, based on Virginia Satir’s Sculpture work with families, describes setting up a constellation this way:

So, to explain a constellation just a little, all people carry with them an energetic field or blueprint of their biological families—this field has been called by some a family soul, or family conscience. That field has an enormous unconscious effect on each family members life and all the people they interact with. Long standing problems with health, depression, relationships, failed finances, etc. are usually a result of unconscious ‘entanglements’ in the family soul. Doing a constellation is a way to bring those 'entanglements' to light, and to allow for some resolution to happen. Quite often after a constellation, other members of the family who were not present for the constellation—and didn’t even know it was happening–report dramatic shifts as a result. Because the family is a system—like an energetic mobile, what affects one, affects all. And what keeps one stuck, affects them all…- Bert Hellinger

The following personal issues can be rectified in a constellation:

  • If you feel stuck and feel you have no control of your life.
  • If you have any physical or psychological illnesses or are deeply unhappy.
  •  If you have relationship and/or marital problems or trouble with your children – i.e. failure in school or college.
  •  If you feel isolated and not accepted by others, family or society.
  •  If you have financial problems

or any other issue that you have tried to solve and nothing helped
The following business, career and organizational issues can be rectified in a constellation:

  • If you are experiencing business or corporate issues
  • If you would like support verifying the structure within an organization or business
  • If you are seeking a solution to personal questions as “Should I stay or should I leave?”
  • If you would like to clarify your own place in the organization.
  • If you would like to test the efficiency of important steps or changes in an organization.
  • If you would like to try out possibilities, “Should we do this, that, or something else?”


Family Constellations was indeed a great experience. At the beginning of the workshop I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I was there for something amazing, and it was.

Throughout the day I couldn’t think of any situation or problem that I had that needed to be resolved, as I am constantly working on “internal healing”. However there was one thought that came to my mind and I realized that of all the healing I’ve done I have never worked in this particular area before, so I gave it a go and decided to work on my non-existent relation with my father. During my constellation different situations, that I wasn’t conscious, came up. It was amazing to see how my family was represented by people who were not aware of my family dynamics and still performing as my family does. Monika steered the constellation very calmly, professionally and drove the constellation to a “happy ending”; within 3 days I received a lovely email from dad saying how much he loves and misses me. These words felt as a healing balm…What it took him 43 years to say, it was said in 3 days after the constellation. Not only that but after Family constellation workshop I’ve seen many doors, opening.
I truly recommend Family Constellations to everyone; we all have something to work on. Thank you Monika for this incredible experience- S Smith