Get Rid Of The Old, Welcome The New in 2020!
Decluttering & Organizing Workshop

By Karina

Date/Time: Thursday 28 November 2019
Time:7.30pm - 9.30pm
Energy Exchange: $68 per person


Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy

One Commonwealth, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #08-22, Singapore 149544

Decluttering – a well-organized process to free your space, your mind and your life
Did you know that we only use 20% of our household items, tools, info material, clothes etc. at 80% of

the time?
- This is called the 20/80 rule

The rest of the items either sits, hangs or is stacked up in cupboards, shelves, boxes, wardrobes or

garages and takes up space – and your energy!

Junk mail, old newspapers or magazines piling up, the unsorted papers on your desk, from unpaid
bills to mismatching socks, all this permeates more aspects of your life than you think. These long
overseen, tolerated filled niches and corners have an often underestimated influence on our mental,

emotional and physical wellbeing. It slows and weighs your life down.

- This is called Clutter!
One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is the right flow of energy, but Clutter prevents that

energy flow.
Do you experience:

·         stagnation and inefficiency in any of your professional, creative or even in the romantic and

spiritual areas of your life
·         a lack of clarity or focus

·         you are becoming over-stressed, easily irritable or depressed

·         your environment weighs your down
·         your home feels unbalanced and out of harmony
·         something feels just not right

If any of the points above describes you, it might be time to declutter and then this workshop is for
you!  If you are clinging to items from the past, which you just can’t dispose of, or if you can’t let go,
because you are thinking that you might need it in the future or because it was an expensive piece or

it is a present you feel obliged to keep…
If this is you, then you have the chance now to:
·         clear out and open up the space in your home
·         free the occupied space in your mind
·         go from stuck to flow
·         get your focus and clarity back
·         distress your life

·         unleash your creativity again to move towards your dreams


The system which Karina Sirimana from “Hearts and Homes in Harmony” works with, is a set of

labeled boxes and a set of questions.


This systematic approach makes the first stage of sorting out much easier and you can use it for all

areas, be it a drawer or a garage.

The next steps will be going through the different boxes, where everything is already presorted, so the

process becomes much lighter now.

In the workshop Karina will guide you through a short meditation to show you how it can feel, when
you are free from the down-weighing influence of the overwhelming clutter. She also will introduce
you to a short, but very effective practice to “declutter” your physical and energy body! This is
particularly important, because we accumulate not only physical, but also energetic junk. And she will

teach you how you can clear that out whenever you feel it is necessary.


Decluttering can be overwhelming, but with this system in place and Karina’s support to guide you

gently, but efficiently, through the course, it is definitely doable.
This step-by-step process of sorting and clearing out is truly rewarding:


You create a space in your home and your mind

·         You be then surrounded by items, which you really like and that make you smile every time you

see them

You gain new clarity and augmented creativity
You notice how much more energy you have
You feel your mood and confidence improving
Your stress will eases out

You create more time for yourself and your loved ones
You realize how much lighter and happier you feel
You are even able to clear out your energy body

Decluttering is one of the basic prerequisites of Feng Shui before the actual cures and enhancers can
be implemented, therefore this service is an essential part of the “Heart and Homes in Harmony”


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