Guided Group Meditation

By Sallie

Energy exchange: $48 per person
Date/Time: To be announced

Sallie’s Guided Shamanic Journeys is based on the ancient healing method that focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal the mind, body and soul, as well as to
deepen the understanding of the self and the world.
Using shamanic drumming, Sallie leads you to connect with your Animal Guiding Spirits to learn how to heal and connect with yourself. Each session will be based on
a different theme.
You will be actively participating in the meditation as we seek to empower each one of you to take responsibility for your own healing and growth.

Please bring pen and paper/ journal to record experience.


I went in to Sallie’s workshop with an open heart and mind having no idea what to expect. I seldom describe experiences as ‘life-changing’ but this would be a definite instance to use it. Sallie is such a calming and comforting person to be around, offering each and every one in class reassurance and guidance that made me feel safe and in good hands. The entire session was overwhelming in the best way imaginable, helping me to understand a lot about myself and my power animal that I never knew even existed, not to mention bringing to light new meaning to a lot of things you could never quite put your finger on. I wish we could have had longer sessions with her, and am so looking forward to her future workshops! - Kimberley