Intuitive Therapeutic Massage with Sound Healing Private Session

By Leanna

Duration: Approx 75 to 90 mins
Energy Exchange: Introductory Special of $250 per session (Usual: $300)

20 July,Saturday2pm,4pm
21 July,Sunday10am,12pm
22 July,Monday12pm,2pm,5pm,7pm
23 July,Tuesday12pm,2pm,5pm,7pm

Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy
One Commonwealth, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #08-22, Singapore 149544
Register through WhatsApp or text: +65 97492857


Leanna’s signature, Intuitive Therapeutic Massage, combines her passion, Music and Healing Arts, to create a deeply healing experience for her clients. The session begins with Leanna singing a Native American Lullaby while layering her voice to create harmonies that holistically relaxes the mind and body. She then scans the body before proceeding with her unique style of intuitive massage that blends the techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, and Thai massage, adapting the
pressure to whatever her clients may need at that moment.

Her session also incorporates Tibetan Singing Bowls to carry her client through the massage in a meditative state of mind. Leanna completes the massage with sound healing where where she sings and plays Mbira (a Thumb Piano native to Zimbabwe), or Yudelele (a travel sized Classical guitar made in Indonesia), to smooth the transition and prepare her client to step into the outside world with a clear mind and refreshed spirit.

Listen to Leanna’s enchanting voice here

Register through WhatsApp or text: +65 97492857



Of all the massage therapists I've seen through the decades, Leanna Rachel is by far the most effective. First, she is aware of what my body needs in terms of meeting specific targets to relax muscles that need it the most. She listens to my body. Second, her techniques are individualized for my needs exactly; the pressure is always exact. I can rely on Leanna, and I trust her completely to relieve the stress and anxiety that builds up in my body. Third, Leanna is nurturing. There's a zen quality to her treatments that lifts my spirits even as I de-stress. Her love of people and desire to heal is evident and lasts long after a session with her is over.- Miriam, Educator/Academic Coach