Karina Sirimanna (Germany)

Karina Sirimanna (Germany)
Holistic Health Practitioner,
Wellness and Spine Specialist,
Feng Shui Master Consultant and Interior Designer,
Organizing and Decluttering Professional,
Energetic Space Clearing Facilitator,
Holistic Home and Heart Harmonizer,
Reiki Master and Cosmetologist,
Culinary Advisor and Instructor,
Author and Speaker

Karina was settled for six years in Sri Lanka and in India for fourteen years before she started traveling. Currently she is on a consulting tour around the world and travels to where she is guided or called to and offers her services in Feng Shui Consultations, Feng Shui Workshops, Space Clearings, Support in Decluttering, Crystal Massages, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Energy Healing & Cooking Courses.

She studied since 2005 under the brilliant guidance of Feng Shui Grand Master Lillian Too in Kuala Lumpur and graduated from her Master Consultant Course in 2010.

Karina always had a more holistic approach to her work and combines now her Feng Shui expertise with her healing abilities and she found her vocation in supporting her client's transformation, rather than only following the calculations and clinging to the formulas of Feng Shui. She truly believes in her professional motto: "Transforming your Home - Transforming your Life"
As she then focused more on her clients in her transformational work, she added the tagline: "The House is the Home for the Body - the Body is the Home for the Spirit"

A German by origin, she received her education in diverse disciplines like Beauty Therapy, Ayurveda, Intuitive Healing and Channeling, Interior Design and Feng Shui in Europe, USA and Asia.
She has been running the “Shivana Beauty and Ayurveda Institute” in Germany, India and Sri Lanka for fifteen years. She developed several specific beauty treatments and the Crystal Ball Massage is one of her very unique creations.

In several – non-Feng Shui or Beauty related – trainings she was initiated into the higher levels of energy- and healing work. She initially studied in 2012 with Stacey Mayo in the US and graduated from the Mayo-Institute as an Intuitive Healer.
From then on, she opened up further in receiving messages from the Divine Realms and since she implements her new healing abilities into her Feng Shui practice, her consultations have reached far beyond the traditional calculations
The environment is one of the crucial factors that influence the health and wellbeing of people, therefore her new healing modalities enable her to heal and harmonize her clients as well as the clients' homes and henceforth she was called a "Holistic Home and Heart Harmonizer".
Karina’s expertise and intuitive ability in Feng Shui and healing all contribute to the harmonious spaces she creates and in such an environment it is much easier for the clients to heal.

Since then Karina has been working in diverse disciplines. Her experiences with different methods of energy and healing work and her 33 years of meditation practice raised her conscious awareness to such an extend that she could connect and establish a strong bond with one of the Master-Healers, named "Himayla".
She dedicated herself to be a Light Channel for "Himayla" and under the loving support and guidance of this Master-Healer, she was initiated to work with "Himayla's Holigrams", which intensified her healing powers immensely.
Since she incorporated these Holigrams into her inimitable Crystal Ball Massage, it lifted its deeply relaxing, vibration raising and harmonizing properties to a whole new level.

Karina has written several e-books and articles on Feng Shui for interior magazines. She offers her Feng Shui Consultations, the Space Clearing and the Decluttering Services in- person and on-site, and the Crystal Ball Massages in the Center.

Visiting dates of consultant:

  • 3rd to 15th of December 2019

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What an amazing gift and experience it has been working with Karina. The initial consultation was with Karina herself where she very accurately did a psychic x-ray of my body. It was so accurate that it had Karina reminding me of some broken bones in my foot that I had forgotten about.
The work that followed next was via an absent method. This is a healing that does not requiring the healer and the receiver to be in the same room, town or country. These were equally powerful healings that left me in no doubt about the work being done, and where the healing was being delivered to.
I have worked with natural therapist and healers form many decades and consider the caliber of work that Karina does to be of an extremely high level. Many changes occurred after the healings that have left me feeling quite joyful and liberated. Many thanks Karina.- Lesley from Australia