Leanna Rachel (USA)

Leanna Rachel (USA)
Intuitive Massage Therapist,
Sound Healer,

A native of Los Angeles, California and current resident of Bali, Leanna Rachel brings her unique and deeply healing “Intuitive Therapeutic Massage with Sound Healing” to Singapore.

Leanna’s fascination with Massage began at the young age of 9, after her mother discovered her intuitive gift for healing and taught her by way of trade. After attending Music school at Chapman University and touring Internationally with her band, she then studied Massage in Huntington Beach, Ca, and became a certified massage therapist (CMT). Leanna has worked professionally as a mobile massage therapist, running her own business for over 10 years in Los Angeles with a long list of clients including LeBron James, Steve Miller (of Steve Miller Band), Kid Rock, and many weekly clients in the LA area.

Although she left California to pursue her music career in beautiful Bali, a place she feels deeply nurtured and inspired by, Leanna still visits LA to see her former clients and family.

In the music realm, Leanna Rachel is currently recording her next album in Bali while continuing to tour throughout Southeast Asia. Leanna weaves together vocals dripping with emotion, acoustic guitar and Mbira to create ethereal ballads. Soulful, classic song writing steeped in folklore, woven into a dreamlike mood, she elicits both authenticity and mystery, vulnerability and strength.

Leanna’s music and voice carries with them the healing energy that she is blessed with and she has combined her massage techniques with her sound healing abilities to bring about a longer lasting benefit to the therapy she offers.

To hear Leanna's recorded music, visit here

You Tube Videos:
"Coffee", Leanna Rachel's first song in both English and Bahasa Indonesia."Coffee" is also featured as part of the Original Soundtrack (OST) for the film Filosofi Kopi 2 (Visinema Pictures).

"Always" from Leanna's Moonrise EP, performed live on the magic of Gili Meno Island.


Soothing like listening to your favorite relaxing song, amazing deep tissue massage and therapy session all rolled up into a single gentle soul.- Mike, Entertainment Lawyer