Discover Your Higher Calling Two-Day Workshop by Ame!

Date: Saturday 6 August to Sunday 7 August 2022 

Time: 12.30pm to 8.30pm SGT

Energy Exchange: $488 per pax for in-person participation* (includes course materials and a written analysis of special strengths & weaknesses based on Bazi)

*min 10 pax to start, max 15 pax

This interactive workshop takes you on a self-discovery journey to unearth your inner calling and life purpose. Ame guides you through a path that helps you consolidate your core identity, accept your own strengths and weaknesses, and clarify your vision to bring to light your higher calling. This is the perfect preparation for you to tap onto the upcoming Lion’s Gate Portal to develop your potential and abilities.

This workshop is best suited for those who are working on the following:

  • Seeking your purpose in life
  • Clarifying your vision and putting it into action
  • Understanding or consolidating core strengths and identity
  • Feeling lost in life and wondering if you are doing what you are meant to
  • Wanting to maximize your potential but unsure where to begin
  • Feeling like there is a higher calling for you but need help finding it
  • Coasting along in life but feel the need to find fulfillment



Enter the Lion’s Gate Portal Group Meditation by Ame! 
Date: Monday 8 August 2022
Time: 8pm to 9.30pm SGT
Energy Exchange: $58 per pax for in-person participation*; $42 per pax for zoom participation

*limited spaces available

American novelist John Irving once said, “If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” Do you have a vision or dream of what you can become, of maximizing all that potential you feel you have? Yet you find yourself procrastinating time and again, making excuses for why you are not taking action, or worse blaming everything and everyone around you, except yourself. Enter the Lion’s Gate Portal, so that this meditation can assist you to connect with your highest potential to ready your mind and energy for that leap of faith you need to start living the life you are meant to in the present time now.


Channeling Pure Sirian Light 

Lion’s Gate Portal Special Healing Session by Ame!
Date: Monday 8 August to Tuesday 9 August 2022

8/8: 11-1230pm, 1-230pm, 3-430pm, 5-630pm (SGT)

9/8: 1230-2pm, 230-4pm, 430-6pm, 630-8pm (SGT)

Duration: 90 mins

Energy Exchange: $350 per pax for 90 mins session, includes a customized 5ml oil and crystal specially programmed for your energy

This session is for those who want to bring more light energy into their energy bodies. The healing on this day can assist with the following:

  • Deep healing of Inner Child trauma
  • Deep healing of Heart Chakra and Receiving Issues
  • Deep healing of Abundance issues, including the lifting of the money ceiling
  • Anchoring of Energies of Love to Attract Good Relationships
  • Instill Courage to take Action to Shift Your Life
  • Alleviation of your Psychic and Healing abilities
  • Illumination and Mastery of Your Shadow
  • Release of deep karmic trauma including ancestral karma


Book through WhatsApp +65 97492857 or email:

All in-person participation will be at our center: One Commonwealth, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #07-05 (S) 149544