Online Meditation

1. Bedtime Guided Meditation: 
Strengthening Your Connection to your Guides by Ame

Date/ Time: Saturday 23 May 2020, 9.30pm to 10.30pm
Energy exchange: $31 (Playback available at $21 for those who can’t attend)

This meditation is to help us strengthen our connection to our guides so as to increase the amount of unconditional energetic and emotional support in our lives. Through a stronger bondwith our guides, we will be able to feel safer and courageous. 

Please note that it is best to go straight to bed after this meditation. For those that do this meditation while in bed, should you fall asleep, we will end the meditation without disturbing you, and you can send your questions or clarifications to us the next morning.

This meditation will be conducted on Zoom. 
Please WhatsApp +65 97492857 or email for more details

2. Guided Meditation: 
Strengthening Your Willingness to Allow Help by Ame

Date/ Time: Wednesday 27 May 2020, 10am to 11am
Energy exchange:  $31 (Playback available at $21 for those who can’t attend)

Apart from being willing to open up to opportunities, you need to be able to allow yourself to accept help, and even to reach out and ask for it. This meditation helps you gain insight on why you may have a reluctance to reach out for help and how you can overcome it.

This meditation will be conducted on Zoom. 
Please WhatsApp +65 97492857 or email for more details


The online manifestation mediation exceeded my expectations. In light of the current pandemic, Ame provided support and insight, which gave hope and guidance. The online mediation went smoothly with clear instructions & sound. For me, I liked it because it’s in the comfort of my own space. The session was well facilitated by Serene. I learnt something new about energies today, and I can’t wait for the next session to accompany me during this circuit breaker.- Jaime
Thank you Ame for connecting us during the most crucial learning time for the entire humanity. It is very important to use our gifts to uplift the universe and we are grateful the same technology that sends us all into anxiety overdose is also used to strengthen the faith and hope. - Latha
I felt like Ame set the intention right, and even though it was digital and via Zoom, I could feel the collective energy of the group during the session. The meditation was grounding, energising and it helped provide clarity for me on what to move into next. Just what I needed to start my day with, thank you! - Ling
A friend introduced me to Ame when I was in Singapore in 2015 and I have since been going back to her whenever I am back for a visit. I have had a couple of other in-person group meditations several years ago that I felt did not really work for me but for some reason, I always walked out feeling much better whenever I had a session with Ame, which was what prompted me to join today’s online group meditation. It was much more affordable than the individual, personalized sessions and the Q&A at the end was a lovely touch amidst this circuit-breaker quarantine period. Although it was brief, it gave everyone an opportunity to address a few concerns that were on our minds. I felt that I benefited from the sharing and openness from all the participants. I think a guided meditation like this really helps people like me whose mind often wanders and thoughts that would benefit from some assisted unpacking. It felt very much like psychotherapy but with a spiritual element that is completely optional, if that is not your cup of tea. Thank you to Ame and her team for the lovely morning and I look forward to our next session. - Gloria