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Hear from our consultants and staff on their favourite healing aid!

I love healing tools! I often place a pouch with a lepidolite and bronzite in my bag as these 2 crystals form a sort of yin-yang combination that I really love. The lepidolite calms, the bronzite centres. Together they help me maintain a high level of awareness that is grounded and sensitive, while their combined protective energies form an energy shield around me that dissolves fear, chases away self doubt and increase focus and drive. Definitely something I would recommend for everyone!

Practitioner & Founder of Ame De Lumiere Holistic Consultancy

Bronzite Tumbled Stone

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Lepidolite Tumbled Stone

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Sage was the first healing tool that I came in contact with when I first got into spirituality. A friend had came over with sage to help me cleanse my house due to was a low level dark energy around. When he lit the sage, I was immediately drawn to the scent and the spirit of the plant. Ever since then, it has been my go to for anything that requires cleansing. It is a very comforting powerful plant master.

Tantric Heart
Release Practitioner

Sage Essential Oil

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Palo Santo is my favourite healing aid. I always keep a few Palo Santo wood around at home and in my office. Palo Santo has always been prized for its medicinal value and spiritual value among the natives in South America. I love it as it is a precious bounty of nature and its very positive and powerful scent can be felt instantly. Whenever I cleansed my space with Palo Santo, it always feels very "clean" and brings a sense of stability afterwards. One of the first sign of accumulation of negative energy is physical fatigue. After a few intensive meetings in a row, I will also burn Palo Santo for a quick pick-me-up and re-energised my energy body.

Bazi & Fengshui Practitioner

Palo Santo

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As a child I have always loved the sweet aroma of Frankincense which was used in Church services. Frankincense helps on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes. From enhancing moods by diminishing feelings of stress and anxiety, improving concentration and memory, as a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory aid and helps improve spiritual connection, visualising and grounding. I burn the resins with myrrh regularly to energise my home and always carry a bottle of pure frankincense in oil form especially when travelling both for medical and esoteric reasons.

LDT & Cranio Practitioner

Frankincense Essential Oil

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My favourite healing aid would be the Aura Spray, Defend Protect & Purify from Living Tree Orchid Essences. This spray helps to cleanse and protect the energy field from external low level or dark entities. Whenever I’m facing difficult situations, this spray helps to re-energise my determination to move forward. I never leave home without a bottle in my bag, especially when I travel. I usually use it before leaving the house and anytime during the day when I feel that I need a quick purification of my energy field

Events & Community Development Manager

Living Tree Orchid Essences Aura Spray Defend Protect & Purify

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Living Tree Orchid Essence – Defend Protect & Purify

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Ame de Lumiere is a collective of consultants, therapists and energy practitioners. We believe in the need for proper diagnosis of core issues and integrative healing strategies to help those that need to resolve their physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues. We also believe that prevention is better than cure. We customise and design wellness strategies and programmes to assist you to understand your own potential, ie your core strengths and weaknesses, so you can take responsibility for your own healing strategy and make better decisions in life.

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