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Living Tree Orchid Essence – Defend Protect & Purify

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Living Tree Orchid Essences Aura Spray Defend Protect & Purify

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Bronzite Tumbled Stone

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Ms Upside Down

Artist: Harajuku Pearl

Quote: “Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down so you can learn how to live right side up”

Ms Honey Love

Artist: Harajuku Pearl

Quote: "Life is the flower which love is the

Ms Octopussy

Artist: Harajuku Pearl

Quote: “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me) it's always ourselves we find in the sea”

About Us

Ame de Lumiere is a collective of consultants, therapists and energy practitioners. We believe in the need for proper diagnosis of core issues and integrative healing strategies to help those that need to resolve their physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues. We also believe that prevention is better than cure. We customise and design wellness strategies and programmes to assist you to understand your own potential, ie your core strengths and weaknesses, so you can take responsibility for your own healing strategy and make better decisions in life.

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