Online Services

Let us at Ame de Lumiere accompany you during this circuit breaker!

As our centre will be closed during this circuit breaker, we are keen to help support you during this difficult time.
Please WhatsApp us at +65 97492957 to book.

1. Online Readings by Ame:

Readings of your energy and birthchart will be done via Zoom or phone session. Please have your own recording device ready to record the session.
Duration:60 to 90 mins (Usual charges apply)

2. Online and Remote Energy Healing by Ame:

All energy healings including Psychic Ability Analysis, Karmic Release, Past Lives Healing and Energy Reviews can be done via Zoom or distant healing. You will be sent a report of the session. Please state if you would prefer video session or distant healing. You will need to be in a space where you can lie down in a relaxed manner during the session.
Duration: 90 mins (Usual charges apply)