Our Consultants

Our clients’ needs are unique.They are all highly specialized in their field. We share the passion for the use of scientifically sound personality assessments.

Our consultants are interested in the best possible results for you. They will tailor their work to your needs. Together we will discuss who of them fits you the best. Here you will find a selection of consultants with whom we work in different contexts.

Amelia Kang (Ame)
Founder of Ame de Lumiere Holistic Consultancy Singapore Energy Medicine Practitioner, Metaphysician, Holistic Consultant, Entrepreneur

Amelia is a rare talent who has successfully integrated and balanced the realms of Energy Medicine, Metaphysics and business, both personally and professionally.
An intuitive entrepreneur, she possesses a strong ability to spot and develop human potential into sustainable and profitable businesses. Her speciality is in businesses that enhances the quality of life and raise consciousness.

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Teri Cheow
Fengshui and Bazi Practitioner

Teri Cheow practiced the 3 ancient chinese metaphysical arts, Four Pillars of Destiny (Diagnosis of birth chart), I-Ching (Divination & Clarification) & Feng Shui (Remedies and cures).Her knowledge was imparted, influenced by the wisdom and tutelage of several masters, with special credit to the Singapore Renowed Bazi expert - Master Chew Kiat Leng & world class Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong) whose teachings had inspired a profession in the scholistic field of 5 Arts.

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Mary Ho
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy & Cranio-Sacral Therapist

During that period she spent most of her time as an active volunteer with Mifan Mama, a charity organization. Her relentless and dedicated efforts was recognized and she was invited as guest speaker at Shanghai TEDx Conference 2012 to share her work and inspirations.

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Tricia Tee
Seifu Practitioner

I am currently residing in Singapore, and I am one of the first certified Seifu practitioners and instructors in my country. I am interested in health and well-being. I believe in natural healing, the art of allowing the body to use its own potential to heal itself. In my free time, I offer complimentary Seifu treatment for patients in hospitals and residents of hospices that I regularly visit.

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