Physical & Energetic: Seifu

Seifu Therapy by Tricia Tee
Energy exchange:
Full body session: $100 for 60 minutes
Full body + womb health/breast health/one spot weight loss: $150 for 90 mins
Full body weight loss session: $200 for 90 mins (includes hip/butt, stomach, arms & thighs)

What is Seifu?

Seifu is a simple yet effective natural-healing therapy, created in Japan where it is now recognized as a therapeutic healing technique. The technique works by ‘lifting’ the skin along certain meridian points, creating ‘space’ at the epidermis. This promotes blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation in the body. On a cellular level, Seifu rejuvenates the body and boosts the body’s immune system, so that the body is allowed to regenerate and heal itself. Seifu can be applied on the whole body, or on specific areas of the body, depending on the result desired. Different lifting techniques may be applied on different parts of the body to create different health benefits. Seifu is a natural beauty therapy. Applying Seifu on the face will help to rejuvenate, uplift, improve blood circulation and hydrate the skin. Seifu can also help to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin. As a therapeutic treatment, Seifu is a gentle and non-invasive technique for effectively relieving stress, headaches, body aches, pains, and insomnia.