18Hr DIY Liver Detox Program (Tri-Value Pack)


The 18Hr DIY Liver detox program is a natural remedy which creates an environment where the body heals by itself.  A healthy person needs 3-6 detox prog to complete the overhaul cleanse. If you have high cholesterol and fatty liver, you need at least 6 detox program.  $310 for a Tri-value pack for 3 programs.  Each program is only 18hr.  Part of day 1 and part of day 2.



The liver is the command centre of our immune system. It has more than 500 functions.  One main function is that it filters the blood. When it encounters toxins like pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, additives, alcohol, etc, it will secrete fat and wrap these toxins up, which forms gallstones.  Too many of these stones can cause liver congestion, and can lead to fatty liver and high cholesterol.  Stones can get trapped in the gallbladder and become calcified, which lead to acute pain and inflammation. Many people will lose their gallbladder if they see a doctor.  Stones can also get trapped at the pancreas which can cause type 2 diabetes.  So, detoxing your liver can not only reverse many chronic diseases, it can also prevent cancer and lower cholesterol level.  Prevention is better than cure. If you want a cure, this is an alternative treatment using natural foods and minerals without using drugs, and thus, no negative side effects. Try it — you have nothing to lose except stones.


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