Alchemy Magick Pendulums: Dragon Magick: Tiger’s Eye


Alchemy Magick Pendulums

Each Alchemy Magick Pendulum is made more powerful as Ame channels energy to pre-programme the pendulum to the theme. In addition, each pendulum is accompanied by an essential oil, also energised by Ame. Use this essential oil on your third eye, or place on your palms and inhale for better connection with your intuition. You can also use the oil to clear and further energise your pendulum.

Protection Series

Dragon Magick: Ame channels the energy of the elemental Dragons as spirit guides of magic, transformation, divine illumination and protection. Accompanied by Frankincense essential oil energised to enhance protection, purify negative energies for a better connection with our higher self and increases our connection to our own divinity.

Pendant Size: 5cm x 1cm x 1cm

Total length: 23cm

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The Art of Pendulum Dowsing by Ame 

The pendulum is one of my favourite divination tools and healing aids.

So what is a pendulum and how can it help us?

A pendulum is a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely.

My favourite pendulums tend to be made of crystals as I find they hold positive energies better and are more easily programmable.

I use pendulums for the following purposes:

– Finding answers and guidance to pressing questions (Divination)

– Checking my own and my clients’ chakras for imbalances and issues

– Checking the energies of objects (eg crystals) and spaces

– Checking for paranormal activity

How does pendulum dowsing work?

The pendulum works by tapping into and magnifying our own energy field, intuition, sixth sense and psychic ability. 

It can act as a receiver and transmitter for energies you are channelling as well, eg from your guardian angels and guides. 

Can everyone work a pendulum?

So long as you can relax, keep an open mind and not fixate on needing to get certain answers, you can train yourself to work a pendulum. For instructions on how to dowse with a pendulum, click here 


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