Fire of Abundance Essential Oil 10ml


Specially channeled & Energized by Ame on Summer Solstice 2021
Fire of Abundance Essential Oil by Alchemy Magick
*Specific intentions and programming available at an additional $18
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*This is a limited edition oil and will only have 50 pieces available for sale. While stocks last.

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The Summer Solstice 2021 is all about celebrating the light and divinity within us. The fiery energy of Summer motivates us to rediscover who we are, what we want and fearlessly eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of what we want to attract and manifest. The sacred trinity of love, power and abundance that Summer brings in, helps us get in touch with our consciousness, enhance clarity of vision and invigorate the fire of creation within us. 

Fire of Abundance, composed of organic Peppermint oil infused with Red Garnet, Peridot and Tiger’s eye, brings with it the exhilarating energies of hope, power, love of life, creative flow and ability to action. Peppermint assists with self-acceptance, confidence and stimulates our consciousness, thus allowing for better awareness and call to action. Peppermint also supports the sacral and solar plexus chakras, strengthening them to increase your energies of power and abundance. Red Garnet helps to increase feelings of self-love, reducing negative self-talk and increasing trust in our own abilities. Peridot enhances receiving energies and brings in good luck, fortune and abundance energies. Tiger’s eye brings light into areas that need illumination and gives courage to overcome obstacles. This amazing combination is further energized by summer solstice energies channeled by Ame to maximise the effects, a perfect accompaniment for your attraction and manifestation journeys and meditations this Summer 2021. 

How to recycle Fire of Abundance: As the crystals are charged with the energies of the Summer Solstice, you can recycle by refilling with Peppermint oil. Refills are available at Ame de Lumiere for $18 per bottle. 


How to best use Fire of Abundance  

Step 1: Ground yourself. If you need help, you can use this guided meditation by Ame:

Step 2: Clear yourself using Palo Santo or white sage. Smudge yourself by sweeping from head to feet, left side top to bottom, right side top to bottom, back of head to feet. Circle around your head 3 times.

Step 3: Place 1 to 3 drops of Fire of Abundance on your palm. Rub the oil together, bring it up to your nose and take a deep inhalation. Inhale to a count of 3, exhale slowly. Repeat another 2 times. Sweep through your energy field.

Step 4: Hold your palms slightly apart. Visualise a ball of golden light, in your palms. Place the golden ball in your right palm and put it above your solar plexus chakra. Gently move your right hand in a circular motion (any direction). Breathe deeply and slowly. Let the light melt any tension within your solar plexus chakra. Do this for a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Do a karmic release with all issues that are blocking you from . Play the karmic release meditation:

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