Self-paced Course: Introduction to Human Design For Sensitives


Do you find yourself getting easily distracted, confused, overwhelmed and /or drained by the people around you and events happening around you? 

It could be that you are incredibly sensitive in sensing people, events, places around you in an amplified manner, and you are not quite sure how to deal with this in an effective manner and still feel grounded and safe being who you are. 

This self-paced mini-course can help you understand the specific aspects of how you are sensitive to people, events and places, as well as how you can find a healthy focus back into your life. We do this through the lens of your unique Human Design Chart. 

Your Human Design Chart
Your unique Human Design chart is generated using your date, time and place of birth. It is like the owner’s manual for your life!

It represents your unique energetic wiring, showing you your potential gifts and challenges, how you interact with the world, what is most fulfilling to you, and how you can move forward and make the best decisions for your life.

There are nine Energy Centers in the chart, and your unique chart shows which of your nine centers are Defined or Open. Our Open Centers are where we sense the energies from others in an amplified manner. This is where the energies can be highly inconsistent and intense. We will be discussing more about how we can use the concept of Open Centers to feel more empowered as Sensitives

Who is this for:
☀️ People who are energetically sensitive / intuitive / empathic and want to appreciate the gifts and challenges of their sensitivity better through the lens of Human Design.

☀️ Suitable for people who are completely new to Human Design and just want a taste of it.

What will be covered in this mini course:

🌱 A step-by-step Teaser Module (which you can take for free before purchasing the course) that guides you through generating your chart, and the basic things you need to know to get you started.

🌱This self-paced mini course is designed to be taken progressively (the next module will only be shown after completing the current module). The modules are named Day 1 to Day 5, though you can complete it much sooner or later too!

🌱It is recommended to take at least 30 minutes to an hour to learn and complete each day’s module.

🌱 Each day I will share one mini-concept / question, and invite you to share and ask questions through the in-built quiz questions. Only I will be able to read and reply to your quiz questions.

🌱 How much you learn depends on how much you share and ask questions. I will personally comment on and answer the questions that you enter through the quiz sections within 48 hours, usually sooner.

Benefits of this Course:

💗 An easy way to gain insights from your Human Design chart without feeling too overwhelmed by its complexity.

💗 Specific guidance / reflection questions to help you appreciate your gifts and challenges as a Sensitive through your Open Centers.

💗 Feel more empowered about your Sensitivity

💗 Upon completion of the course, you will be invited to take up a special-priced offering for you to continue your personalised learning and healing journey with me.

My relevant experience for this Course:

🎉I am a Gentleness Coach + Intuitive Healer, with a Level 1 Certification in Human Design. I have five Open Centers in my chart. Here is my chart:

🎉My private sessions are a unique blend of healing and coaching using my clients’ Human Design Charts as the main framework. My clients are Sensitives as well and find that the sessions helped them open up to many more possibilities and to feel light and free.

🎉Some testimonials from past course participants:

  • “You just explained the Open Centers in a few paragraphs, and it’s so easy to understand. I’m relaxing just by reading through it. This course is just enough for people who get easily overwhelmed. It’s very much in alignment with gentleness.”
    Sandy Freschi, USA
  • “I have learned so much about myself and my immediate family through this course. Being encouraged & enabled to interpret my Human Design Chart, through the clear explanations, exercises and personal examples so generously shared by Bingz felt so meaningful. ”  Jan Gray, Scotland, UK.
  • “You are gentle and compassionate teacher, Bingz. I’ve felt in a safe space while going through this self-discovery process, I appreciate that a lot. Thank you!” Charo Pinilla, USA

🎉I am also the author of “Empower Your Life with Gentleness – A Simple Guide to Feeling Safe and Free to Be You”, a short therapeutic read that’s available on Amazon. It has recently scored 579 downloads in a 5-day free Kindle promotion.

I hope you can give this mini-course a try 🙂

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