Remote card reading session by Yvonne Mun


Yvonne Mun 

Psychic, Healer 

Remote card reading session (Report will be sent)

Yvonne is a natural gifted healer who has been initiated in the Great Pyramid and Temples of Egypt as a High Priestess of the Goddesses Isis and Sekhmet. She has been guided to do this healing work professionally after her Egypt sacred journey in May 2011 where she feels the deep connection with the Egyptian divinities especially at the healing temples of Sekhmet where she had a past life there at the Karnak temple as a priestess of Sekhmet, the Fire Goddess.


Having studied many other systems of healing and spiritual work, Yvonne brings with her her own unique healing and believes that as a healer she is a channel for universal love and healing and hope to share this healing energy to all those who would like to see positive changes in their health and all areas of their lives. She has more than 10 over years of meditative practice and 18 years of experience working in management accounting roles in multinational corporations including 6 years of overseas experience in Shanghai where she has lead many wiccan Sabbats and Esbats (sun and moon) rituals.  She has been organising ritual, Tarot and oracle card, magic oil and crystal healing workshops in Shanghai yearly for the past 10 years.


She is also a Wicca Solitary practitioner who believes in oneness with the divinity and all that exists and the healing power of nature and connecting back with this natural healing power that can help bring our lives back into balance, harmony and peace. Yvonne offers her own intuitive energy healings integrating the energy of light work, Shamanic and crystal healing.

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Remote card reading session


Tarot card reading will be done remotely and will be tuning in to do the reading with your permission granted and without the need for your physical presence or contact when you have signed up for this session.


To choose one of the 2 options below:

A) Any specific question you have (one question for each session)

B) General overall reading for the 2nd half of 2020 


You will receive a special gift of love with a message from the Goddess and blessings using the Goddess Oracle card and your own Ogham tree card that is your protective tree for your birthday.


Tarot card reading that you will receive to include :-

1)    Report of your reading in text for the option that you choose

2)    Picture of the tarot card spread for your card reading and pictures of each individual card

3)    Your special message from the Goddess with a picture of the Goddess chosen from the Goddess Oracle card and her energy blessings sent to you

4)    Picture of your Ogham tree card for your protection and a message from the wisdom of the Ogham to guide you on your life journey

* Important personal information to provide :

Name : as per NRIC

Date of birth : YY/MM/DD 

Email :   please ensure this is accurate as we will be sending out the

               Card reading report to this email address

Option for reading : Option A or B


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