Psychic Circle Sharing

Healing the Wounded Inner Child
Hosted by Ame

Date/Time: Thursday 11 August 2022 8pm (SGT)
Venue: Zoom Meeting (Register here to get Zoom Meeting ID)
Energy Exchange: Free

Did you know that a lot of our current behavior and patterns, especially the destructive ones come from trauma during our formative years as children. From the time we are born up until 10 years old, our parents’ attitude towards us and the environment we are brought up in can hurt or nurture us. However as people tend to be imperfect, most of us would have sustained some measure of hurt during childhood. Some more than others of course.
Join Ame as she discusses this topic and shares how to heal your wounded inner child.

 Please come with an open mind, willingness to share experiences and ready questions.   

Ame is a psychic & holistic consultant who combines her East-West metaphysics training to assist clients and businesses in developing integrative strategies to greatly enhance their quality of life in areas of personal power, relationship dynamics, business decisions, self-development and health and wellness. She specialises in troubleshooting issues and encourages a balance of practical and spiritual methods to achieve abundance and success.