Psychic Circle Sharing

Core Values: How They Maximise Your Potential & Spirituality
Hosted by Ame

Date/Time: Thursday Oct 6, 2022 8pm (SGT)
Venue: Zoom Meeting (Register here to get Zoom Meeting ID)
Energy Exchange: Free

Core values impact how we think, what decisions we make and the actions that we follow through with. Some core values we are born with and can be seen from our birth charts (Chinese bazi). Other values we pick up from observing the world around us, especially those close to us like our parents and authority figures. And some values we define for ourselves through our own experiences or through imposition by social and cultural pressures.
Core values are important in helping us align to our higher calling and life purpose, and are part of our identity. If we are aligned with our core values, we will be naturally spiritual and also able to maximize our potential. Join Ame as she discusses how to begin understanding our core values and embark on a road towards developing our potential.

Please come with an open mind, willingness to share experiences and ready questions.


Special Notice on Psychic Circle

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Ame is a psychic & holistic consultant who combines her East-West metaphysics training to assist clients and businesses in developing integrative strategies to greatly enhance their quality of life in areas of personal power, relationship dynamics, business decisions, self-development and health and wellness. She specialises in troubleshooting issues and encourages a balance of practical and spiritual methods to achieve abundance and success.