Psychic Circle Sharing Group

Invitation to Psychic Circle
Breaking Free of Subconscious Patterns That Hold Us Back Hosted by
Ame & Monika

Date/Time: Thursday 24 June 2021 8pm (SGT)
Venue: Zoom Meeting (Register here to get Zoom Meeting ID)
Energy Exchange: Free

Challenges are not new to us on our spiritual paths. However it is often frustrating when we start to find ourselves confronted with similar challenges over and over again. It almost feels as if we are in an energy loop and constantly making the same mistakes repeatedly. This can be a blow to our self-esteem and hold us back from stepping into our power and maximising our potential. If we delve deeper into why this happens, we often discover that certain subconscious patterns lie within our mind and energy that contributes to this. These patterns can be due to past life attachments, ancestral karma/trauma, social and cultural conditioning and certain attachments we have developed.

Join Ame and Monika Thursday night (SGT) to explore and share how we can break free of these patterns so as to evolve and grow, allowing ourselves to lead smoother and more abundant lives. Please feel free to invite a friend, just pass the link on to them for registration and the meeting ID.