Sallie Yang

Sallie Yang
Shamanic Practitioner,
Shamanic Journeying Facilitator,
Wildlife Conservation Advocate

Sallie is a practitioner in shamanic journeying and healing, being trained mainly in the methods of Core Shamanism, developed by Michael Harner. Core shamanism consists of universal or near universal features of shamanism to access the spiritual resources for specific intent, such as connecting with and receiving messages from one’s spiritual guides in the transcendent realms, which may come in many forms including that of power animals. Sallie has always loved nature and wildlife. As a result, her shamanic practice naturally gravitated towards working with the spirits of nature and animal guides.

For purposes of problem solving and healing, her shamanic work includes divination and diagnosis, retrieval of helping spirits and soul portions, removal of intrusions and influencing spirits. Please read this article when considering whether shamanic healing is for you here

Sallie trained with Kevin Turner, Director for Asia, Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Core Shamanism since 2013 and has completed the Advanced Three-year Shamanic Initiations in 2017. She also studies and practices classical yoga in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, with Svastha Yoga.