Seifu for Weight Reduction

by Tricia

Energy Exchange: $250 per 90 mins
Date/ Time: Strictly by appointment

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*Please dress comfortably and bring a sarong or a shawl for the session

For those individuals whose body is unable to burn fat effectively, Seifu therapy can assist with the breaking down of the fats, and the increase of the body’s metabolic rate through promoting circulation, fluidity and oxygenation in the body.

Choose between a full body Seifu Weight Reduction Session or a Rejuvenation through Seifu session with One Spot Fat Reduction.

What is Seifu?

Seifu is a simple yet effective natural-healing therapy, created in Japan where it is now recognized as a therapeutic healing technique. The technique works on body by ‘lifting’ the skin along certain meridian points, creating ‘space’ at the epidermis. This promotes blood circulation, fluidity and oxygenation in the body.

Why Seifu Therapy?

Seifu is a non-evasive therapy suitable for all age group at all health condition. It is a manual therapy which focusing on human touch. A holistic and organic approach to create the environment for better flow of the energy in our body. Because Seifu Therapy is an evolutional in healing because can relief the pain of healing. “We don’t need to suffer from pain of healing.”