Sound Healing

Sound Healing Journey Group Session

By Leanna

Energy exchange: Introductory Special of Pay What You Want (Usual: $58)
Session Duration: Approx 90 mins
Date/Time: August 2019
Register through WhatsApp or text: +65 97492857
or email

Leanna’s Sound Healing Journey is at once healing and a treat to the ears. Here is an example of one of her sound healing journeys:

I began the journey by lighting some native American incense and using a dried grass fan from my ancestors in the Philippines to waft the incense around the room. This created a lovely sound that grounded the energies. Sitting down, I began the session with a Tibetan singing bowl and took the group through some simple breathwork exercises. This was followed by a few minutes of silence for meditation. Then, I rang the bells for a transition, and sang a Native American chant, adding harmonies with the loop pedal to help the group get into a trance like state. I continued the journey playing songs on each instrument, the mini guitar, flute, and mbira, ending with a song that had a refreshing and light energy. I sang original songs with two cover songs: The Native American Chant, and "Vaishnav Jan To", an Indian Bhajan from the 15th century that speaks of world peace and was Gandhi's favourite song