Fengshui: Space Improvement

Energy Exchange: $1 per sqft
Date/ Time: By appointment only

Fengshui is a study of geographic observance and environment’s effect on its inhabits. The Fengshui of a space is usually determined the Yin Yang, 5 elements, period and age (time), landforms, water forms,
When the Fengshui is not ideal, the energy will not be able to support its inhabitants to strive, and will generate imbalance in the people who inhabit the space. When the reverse is true and Fengshui is ideal, the energy that enters the home will flow harmoniously, it will positively nourish the spaces and their inhabitants. Fengshui is influenced by the harmony of the 5 elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, water. Everyone will need certain elements more than the others to achieve balance. By working with the elements in your space, your environment will be transformed and powerful results can manifest in your life.

Teri practiced the 3 ancient chinese metaphysical arts, Four Pillars of Destiny (Diagnosis of birth chart), I-Ching (Divination & Clarification) & Feng Shui (Remedies and cures). Her knowledge was imparted, influenced by the wisdom and tutelage of several masters, with special credit to the Singapore Renowed Bazi expert - Master Chew Kiat Leng & world class Feng Shui Grand Master Raymond Lo (Hong Kong) whose teachings had inspired a profession in the scholistic field of 5 Arts.


Teri has been to our place and advised on creating positive energies in key area of concerns. She has managed to negate the bad energies and make our place a harmonious place to live in. So far our living has been good and is still improving as the days go by.-  Andy