Special Service for 2020

Start the New Year with a Clear and Energised Space!

Cleanse and energise your space this January to get a great start to 2020!

For those who are keen to understand the energies of your space, we recommend doing a Fengshui Audit or Energy Reading of your place as well.

Special Packages

House Clearing and House Energy Reading

By Ame

1 bedroom or studio: $318 (UP: $636)
2 to 3 bedroom: $699 (UP: $1398)
4 to 5 bedroom (up to 5000 sqft): $1088 (UP:$2176)

Fengshui Audit* + House Clearing Package

By Teri And Ame

Apartment up to 550sqft: $788
Apartment 551sqft and above: $1 per sqft + 50% off House Clearing Prices
*This is a full Audit report

Book through WhatsApp or text: +65 97492857