Teri Cheow

Teri Cheow
Fengshui & Bazi Practitioner,
Qi Men Dun Jia

Teri is a practitioner of the ancient Chinese metaphysical arts, Four Pillars of Destiny, I-Ching, Qi Men Dun Jia & Feng Shui.

Teri graduated from Murdoch University (Western Australia) with an Honors degree in Biomedical Science. Prior to working as a full-time Metaphysician, she was working as a pharmaceutical manager in Swiss & American MNCs, specializing in Cancer Medicine.

Harmonizing her scientific background with evergreen chinese metaphysics which had been practiced by generations of people over thousands of years, Teri sought to explore life beyond the shores of scientific means. Bridging the gap between metaphysical science and traditional chinese culture.

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Fengshui and Bazi with Grand Master Raymond Lo, Raymond Lo’s School of Fengshui & Destiny
  • Bazi with Master Chew Kiat Leng, Institute of Fengshui Bazi
  • International Registered Fengshui Master (Expert), International Attestation Authentication Center of Registered Feng-Shui Master’s Professional Qualification

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    I would love to share how much and why I love Teri's Bazi/Fengshui consultation which keeps me going back every year for the past 5 years. Teri presents her analysis in a way that is easy to understand, using diagrams, descriptives and examples. She gives an overview and zooms into areas that needs attention. Her perspectives are wonderful, i.e. she focuses on how to harness good months and staying aware and taking care of oneself when needed. It is always positive and enhancing. Her expertise helps me to get a sense of the year and with this understanding, plan my activities.- Ms Kit Gan

    What I enjoyed most seeking advice from Master Cheow is her keen support to understand what will work best in my search for a compatible helper for my mum. As she matches my mum's bazi tounderstand her characteristics (which is aligned with my personal observations of my mum) with the potential candidates that I've identified for my mum. Ultimately, she provides the distinctive and positive advice that ONE will acknowledge that it's useful (when the ONE is ready to accept what is best for them).- Maggie