Therapeutic Counseling

Therapeutic Counseling with Kailash

Date/ Time: By Appointment Only
Location: Whatsapp or Skype
Energy Exchange: SGD150 per 60 mins

In our life's journey, we inevitably come face to face with various challenges along the way. This can be in a whole range of areas: life and career choices, relationships, personal health, spiritual journey, etc. These challenges are not insurmountable obstacles. But because we are good at unknowingly sabotaging ourselves, we often end up feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, stressed out, or desperate.

Kailash offers therapeutic counseling sessions, guiding you on a process of inner inquiry, bringing awareness to your negative behavioral and thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and blind spots. We work by grounding the awareness in your experience of sensations in the body and through the moment-to-moment unbiased observing of thoughts and emotions.

The sessions will be of great value and benefit to those with personal issues that they find difficult to deal with. Furthermore, the ongoing Covid crisis adds more weight to the intensity of emotions that many are experiencing. By awakening awareness and understanding of your negative habits, and letting them go, you will move from self-sabotage to freedom.

Each online session is one hour long and will be conducted via Whatsapp or Skype.
You may record your session on your own device.

Kailash has been teaching meditation and yoga and doing bodywork and healing internationally for over twenty years. He is well known for his clarity and empathy and has successfully mentored many people towards healthier life choices, relationships, and personal transformation.

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