Crystal Doctor by Claire (Mystiquecherry)

About Mystiquecherry

Mystiquecherry is founded by Claire Teo, who is an enthusiast, collector and lover of crystals and minerals. Claire has been curating, working and connecting with crystals & minerals for about 5 years and counting. Having to benefit from working with crystals in the past years, Claire loves to share her experiences and to also help clients to benefit from the power of crystals and minerals.

Our team at Mystiquecherry strongly believes in the power and potential of crystals & minerals, which helps us to bring balance in all aspects of our lives. Be it spiritually, mentally or physically. Our goal is to bridge the energetic connections between our clients and the “right” crystals which will truly benefit them.


Find Your Money Ceiling by Ling & Mel

About Ling

Ling believes that money, like any form of energy, is a currency to be invested wisely. For Ling, money extends beyond numbers and market trends. It is understanding what our psyche is when we feel, touch and experience money. It is in the giving and receiving of money, in feeling worthy and deserving of all the experiences money can bring.

Drawing inspiration from her own experiences with financial trauma and her love for creative expression, she now guides people to explore deeper what their current relationships with money are. These methods include reflective questioning, reconnecting with themselves through guided meditations and expressing their money feelings through art as a way of healing. Her mission is to help people get clarity on their current realities, shift from disempowering situations so that they can rediscover their purpose again and create a life they truly desire.

About Mel

We spend most of our years studying and working hard, but do we truly understand what we are working for? Often times, societal norms shape our perception of success and normalcy. We spend years chasing what we have been taught to chase and when we hit our retirement years, we don’t know how we want to spend it because we can’t envision what would truly make us happy.

Mel strongly believes that we have to give meaning to the work that we do - that the money we earn is to give us time and options to enjoy the little things that make us happy and fulfilled. And to do so, we need to be able to envision what these things are. Be it being able to afford nice gifts or experiences, spending time with your loved ones, these are dreams that you should be able to call your own. Her mission is to help people discover what truly makes them happy and to provide clarity on how these dreams can become a reality.


Goddess Circle by Ame & Grace

About Grace

Grace J Teo is a Professional Tarot Reader and Psychic with clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient abilities. With more than 17 years of experience working with an international client base, Grace has developed a niche in Past Lives and Shadow Work readings.

While she still serves clients interested to ask about their love live and career, Grace believes that Past Lives and Shadows Work readings have great healing potential as she has witnessed firsthand how these readings help clients uncover their voice and gain personal empowerment in their life. Grace has also been expanding her own practice and offerings in the past few years. Since 2019, she has been sharing her knowledge through her own tarot courses.