A Wellness & Self-Healing Retreat

Date: 28 July – 3 August 2023
Location: HOMM Saranam Baturiti Resort, Bali, Indonesia
Fee: SGD $1,700 for (4) days or SGD$3,400 for (7) days

Sign up before 7 July will receive a complimentary Airport Transfer service (2-way)

Join us for a journey of wellbeing centered on your personal and spiritual growth.

Embark on a transformative journey of wellness and self-healing on this one-of-a-kind retreat that combines the ancient wisdom of Jamu, powerful energy work by Ame de Lumiere, and JUARA spa rituals. Learn self-healing techniques to maintain balance in your daily life.

This retreat comes in 2 parts, come for Part 1, or stay for both for the ultimate, immersive experience. By the end of Part 2, you will feel elevated, refreshed, and more connected to yourself and the world around you in ways you may never have experienced. There will be some breakthrough moments that will leave you in awe of yourself, your strength and abilities to tap into more than you imagined you could.

*This retreat was created because we wanted to do something that would nourish ourselves, so we would love to share the positive energy with you.*

Below are (2) parts to this retreat:

Part 1 is a perfect 3-day weekend getaway to refresh and restore your balance and be introduced to energy work.
Part 2 is a full immersion that dives deeper into the spiritual awakening within ourselves.

You can come for Part 1 (July 28-31), or stay for the whole self-embracing journey (July 28-August 3). See Description for more details.


Part 1: 28 July – 31 July (3 Nights, 4 Days)

Restore, Reset & Rebalance
In Part 1, we bring you back to a renewed sense of health as you experience a blend of Indonesian Jamu-inspired health & beauty rituals with an energy work twist.

Itinerary includes:

Jamu making and Water Blessing
Sound Healing & Breathwork
Protection and Chakra Clearing
Daily Gifts and more

Part 2: 31 July – 3 August (3 Nights, 4 Days)

Spiritual Awakenings to Heal Yourself
In Part 2, we dive deeper into showing you the powerful tools you can use for self-healing through energy work, discover your own path to spiritual growth, and connect with like-minded participants passionate about living their fullest, most meaningful lives through physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Discover Psychic Ability Workshop
Energy Channeling Workshop
Purification with Crystals
Past Life Meditation

Accommodations & Details

Stay at the tranquil HOMM Saranam Baturiti Resort, operated by the Banyan Tree, with breathtaking views, lush rice paddies, and total serenity.
All participants will be in a Superior room with a Queen size bed. Upgrades to the bungalow are possible for an increased fee upon availability.

All rooms include free wifi, complimentary bottled water, and coffee & tea facilities.
All meals included. Airfare and airport transportation are not included.

We look forward to embarking on this life-transforming journey with you! WhatsApp us at +65 97492857 to sign up!

Who should come for this retreat?

  1. You’re seeking more than just a holiday: You want a transformative experience that will shape your approach to wellness and self-healing.
  2. You resonate with the power of energy work: You’re not just interested, you’re ready to dive in and apply it to your daily life.
  3. You’re fascinated by your untapped psychic abilities: This retreat is a golden opportunity to explore and harness these under the guidance of experienced experts.
  4. You yearn to immerse yourself in Indonesian culture: Jamu-inspired health and beauty rituals await, providing a cultural experience that is rare and enriching.
  5. You’re excited by the idea of connecting with like-minded individuals: This is more than just networking. It’s a chance to build relationships with people who are on the same journey of self-discovery and growth.
  6. You crave the serenity of a tranquil environment: Picture yourself rejuvenating amidst lush rice paddies and breathtaking views – it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.
  7. You’re willing to invest in your holistic well-being: This is not just about physical health. It’s about emotional and spiritual harmony.
  8. You’re intrigued by the idea of maintaining balance in your daily life: Learn new methods and practices that you can take away from this retreat and incorporate into your everyday routine.
  9. You’re looking for an immersive, all-encompassing retreat: It’s not just a one-off workshop. It’s a deep dive into the world of spiritual growth.
  10. You believe in the mission of this retreat: You too want to share and receive positive energy, experiencing a profound nourishment of mind, body, and spirit.
  11. Come experience the unique blend of wellness, energy work, cultural immersion, and personal growth that this retreat offers. If you’ve read this far, it’s clear that this retreat is speaking to your heart – listen to it. Don’t let FOMO become a reality. Commit to your transformation today!

Workshop Leaders

Metta Murdaya, Co-Founder JUARA

A wellness speaker, Jamu educator, and the author of “Jamu Lifestyle,” Metta is passionate about sharing deeper beliefs in her tradition which believes for true health and joy, one must be aligned physically, mentally, and spiritually with oneself and the universe to experience health and abundance with ease.

Amelia Kang, Founder, Ame de Lumiere (ADL)

A psychic and healer who specializes in combining East and West spiritual modules, Amelia believes in the power of integrating spiritual practices into our daily lives. She strives to help her clients maximize their happiness quotient. Learn more about Amelia HERE


General Information (ADL)

Q1: Where is the retreat being held?
A1: The retreat will take place at the HOMM Saranam Baturiti Resort, located in Bali, Indonesia.

Q2: What are the dates for the retreat?
A2: The retreat will be held from 28th July to 3rd August 2023. It is divided into two parts: Part 1 is from 28th July to 31st July, and Part 2 is from 31st July to 3rd August.

Q3: What is the cost of the retreat?
A3: The fee is SGD $1,700 for Part 1 (4 days), and SGD $3,400 for both Part 1 and Part 2 (7 days).

Q4: Is there a special offer?
A4: Yes, we offer a complimentary airport transfer service for participants who sign up before 7th July 2023.

Retreat Details
Q5: What can I expect from this retreat?
A5: The retreat combines wellness and self-healing techniques using ancient wisdom of Jamu, energy work, and JUARA spa rituals. You can expect to learn techniques to maintain balance in your daily life, participate in workshops, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Q6: What’s the difference between Part 1 and Part 2 of the retreat?
A6: Part 1 focuses on restoring and rebalancing your health with Indonesian Jamu-inspired health & beauty rituals and energy work. Part 2 dives deeper into spiritual awakening, teaching you powerful self-healing techniques and promoting spiritual growth.

Q7: Can I only attend Part 1 or Part 2 of the retreat?
A7: Yes, you can choose to attend just Part 1. However, to get the full immersive experience, we recommend attending both parts.

Q8: What type of accommodation is available?
A8: All participants will stay in a Superior room with a Queen size bed at the HOMM Saranam Baturiti Resort. Upgrades to a bungalow are possible upon availability and for an additional fee.

Q9: What amenities are available in the room?
A9: All rooms come with free wifi, complimentary bottled water, and coffee & tea facilities.

Q10: Are meals included?
A10: Yes, all meals during the retreat are included in the fee.

Q11: Is airport transportation included?
A11: Airport transportation is not included, except for those who sign up before 7th July 2023, who will receive a complimentary airport transfer service.

Workshop Leaders
Q12: Who are the workshop leaders?
A12: The workshop will be led by Metta Murdaya, a wellness speaker, Jamu educator, and the author of “Jamu Lifestyle”, and Amelia Kang, a psychic and healer who specializes in combining East and West spiritual modules.

Sign-Up Process
Q13: How can I sign up for the retreat?
A13: You can sign up by messaging us on WhatsApp at +65 97492857.

Q14: What is the deadline for registration?
A14: There is no specific deadline mentioned, but early registration before 7th July 2023 entitles you to a complimentary airport transfer service.

Q15: Can I get a refund if I cancel my registration?
A15: Please contact us on the cancellation policy.

Scan & Pay

Paynow: UEN 200821158E

Payment can be made via bank transfer. Please note that all local and overseas charges need to be borne by the client.

Bank name: CIMB Bank

Account name: Ame de Lumiere Pte Ltd

Account no.: 20-0018488-5

Bank Code: 7986 Swift

Branch Code: 001

Swift Code: CIBBSGSG