Women of Passion (WOP)

Women of Passion started as a self healing journey for Indra in the form of an e-book about women whose passion saw them through tough times. So many amazing stories, so much strength, so much love.
WOP has since developed into a movement spearheaded by Amelia Kang and Harajuku Pearl (Indra Dilaila) who are inspired by the many women around the world who live their lives according to their heart, and hopes to reach out to showcase more women-centric stories, and to inspire women to take good care of ourselves.
WOP hopes to create a community of women who are empowering and healing ourselves through doing what we love most, through enjoying and living our lives to the fullest. It is only through embracing our passion that we can learn to give to ourselves and to others.
WOP seeks to bring women together to share experiences, to inspire, to support, to empower and to heal.