Women of Passion (WOP)

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Women of Passion is about creating a community where we are allowed to be our authentic selves free from gender, social and cultural conditioning that tells us who we should be and how we should behave. This is a special space where we are encouraged to express ourselves and voice our thoughts. This is where we are allowed to embrace our strengths, to celebrate our quirks, to expose our vulnerabilities and still feel safe. This is where we allow ourselves to receive, to feel deserving of the best, to feel worthy so that we can grow, learn, create and evolve.

Be bold. Be beautiful. Be kind. Be spunky. Be curious.

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What We Stand For


Be our true selves and embrace our power inside and out


Be bold to take a leap of faith and follow our hearts. Dare to let your voice be heard.


Be willing to create and contribute. We make a difference, no matter how small


Be curious to explore and grow your passion. Be totally in the moment. Live life beautifully.


Amelia Kang 
IG: @amelia_soul_of_light
Co-Founder & Programme Director
Aspiring polymath, secret fan of Socrates
Indra Dilaila
IG: @harajuku_pearl
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Workplace Designer by day, unicorn by night