“The Art of” Well-being Box Series

“Tune into your heart,  Energetically align,  Manifest Magic.”  – Ame 

The WOP Art of Manifestation box is specially curated to provide you with all the essential tools to attract and manifest what you desire in life, be it your vision, positive thoughts or cool ideas. Combining the aesthetic and experiential, we bring to you:

Harajuku Pearl’s Manifestation Art Cards

3 beautiful pieces of original artwork with manifestation quotes by Ame, accompanied by a guide on how to create a personal manifestation ritual for your own well-being and benefit.

Quill pen set

A beautiful feather quill fountain pen with a stand, extra pen nibs and ink bottle. Light, beautiful and dreamy enough to help you pen down your desires and vision on paper.

Scented soy candle in a mandala tin

We all need light and fire during manifestation. Staring into the light of a candle can also assist you to focus during the manifestation process. This soy candle helps to anchor light into your space of manifestation and it is beautiful to look at!

Keep Positive Pack consisting of:

- Palo santo

Palo Santo means "holy wood" in spanish. A sacred wood that helps to ground, clear and uplift your energy. It is also effective in helping to clear your space to help bring in sacred manifestation energies

- Peridot-infused Frankincense Essential Oil (Energised by New Moon)

Energised by the New Moon, this batch of Peridot opens and activates the heart and solar plexus to help increase awareness and clarity, so as to aid your receiving energies during the manifestation process.

Frankincense helps to increase your vibrational alignment and ground the energy of manifestation so that you can bring your creation into being more easily.

All presented in a protective amber glass bottle.

- Manifestation crystal attuned to your energy

You will receive one of the following crystals:

Angelite deepens attunement into your vision and increases self compassion so you can manifest your highest good.

Orange selenite is grounding and brings clarity of mind. It is also a protective crystal that anchors you to the earth's energy.

Green aventurine is a positive stone of prosperity and luck that stimulates perception and enhances creativity.

Carnelian grounds, centre and anchors our energies. It restores vitality and motivation while stimulating creativity and clarifying perception.

Nett proceeds from the Art of Manifestation box goes to Make A Wish Foundation So treat yourself and manifest good at the same time!

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Purchase 3 boxes at $55 each to get 1 crystal art
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