1. Reframing Meditation for Modern Life By Danielle Van de Velde

(Only 10 seats available)

1.00pm – 2.00pm $50/pax

Meditation is not the end game....why changing the frame of ‘meditation and mindfulness’ is key to spiritual living. More than a natural medicine to circuit-break stress and harmonize the mind/body/emotional system, meditation and the states that it accesses opens an entirely new way to roll, led by spiritual intuition.

In this one hour workshop, Dani will share the key milestones of the transformative journey and the role meditation plays at each stage. The group will be guided through a pranayama practice and guided visualisation to open perspectives and energy channels.


2. Manage stress and Increase Immunity naturally through Breathwork and Essential Oils by Fiona & Faith

(Only 10 seats available)

2.15pm – 3.15pm $50/pax

In this is workshop, Fiona and Faith will be sharing their knowledge and experience on breathwork and essential oils to:
- Release stress and manage anxiety levels
- Energise yourself to be more productive and creative
- Enhance your immunity to stay healthy (especially during this precarious period)

During this enjoyable and informative workshop, you will have the opportunity to practice and experience the different breathwork techniques combined with the amazing effects of essential oils. Each participant will receive a 10ml precious immune blend roller.


3. Shamanic Drumming Journey by Will Kolen

(Only 20 seats available)

3.00pm – 4.00pm $50/pax

In the light of ongoing challenges with nature, a guided drumming journey will be conducted to show our support to mother earth from a human perspective. The drumming journey will allow all participants to connect with Mother Earth on a personal basis, paying attention to all life and nature affected by the ongoing bush fires in Australia.

Everything is connected. This drumming journey intends to connect the human presence on this planet as a whole, enforcing a great energy field for positive change through show of gratitude and compassion and the offering of support in restoring all that is out of balance.
​“For thousands of years humans have depicted themselves as living ON this planet we call Mother Earth. Every living being around us understands that living WITH this planet is the innate connection to growth and survival in life. As humans we never understood this and prematurely cut the umbilical cord by ourselves. The result is out there because it’s (the separation is) within us. We need to reconnect with the natural resonance of Mother Earth."

Wil Kolen is a certified Sound Therapist (Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute, SF), Shamanic Practitioner (FSS), Reiki Master, Musician, Creative, Coach and Educator.


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